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As of 2/7/16 we have 55,831 Orlando foreclosure properties listed!

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You don't need to be a real estate agent to bid on the Orange County Foreclosures in Orlando. Use our data to score yourself a foreclosure at 10% to 40% below market value, all you need is a computer, and a membership to Bidding on these once closely guarded county auction has been opened to the public, and now that all the bidding is done online, it's easier than ever to get great foreclosure deals!

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Our Orlando & Orange County Foreclosure properties are not found on any website in electronic searchable format!

We take all the properties that Orange County has listed on their foreclosure auction, pull all relevant data about the property that they don't give you and put it into one easy to use searchable website! Utilizing years of real estate experience we have assembled the best tools in the business to get you the listings you are interested in on one easy to use searchable site. Gone are the days when you had to jump all over the internet to get the data on these foreclosure listings! This is the absolute best time to get in as we are currently in the biggest real estate price drop in decades, this is when the millionaires are made. Even if you are only interested in finding a new family home to live in you can find the perfect property for pennies on the dollar! click here to get started!

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Featured Foreclosure Auction Sales:

3/2 1,304 sqft
last sale: $198,000
Auction Sale: $87,100

4/2 1,717 sqft
last sale: $89,000
Auction Sale: $75,700

3/2 1,576 sqft
last sale: $77,900
Auction Sale: $60,100

3/1 1,252 sqft
last sale: $15,500
Auction Sale: $65,000
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Date: 02/08/2016
Time: 11:00 AM EST
Location: Online Auction
At the time of listing there are 25 properties set to be sold at this auction.

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   Recent Orange County Foreclosure Auction Results: Canceled Auction Properties
Auction Property Address City / Location Zip Code Type BD/BTH Sq. Feet Winning Bid
02/04/164815 BASSWOOD LNORLANDO32808Single Fam Class II3/21,576$60,100
02/04/166011 TOMOKA DRORLANDO32809Single Fam Class II2/11,307$56,300
02/04/164849 BIG OAKS LNORLANDO32806Single Fam Class III3/21,674$200,100
02/04/16372 LISA KAREN CIRAPOPKA32712Single Fam Class II4/21,822$156,900
02/04/16140 WINDGLOW TRLMAITLAND32751Single Fam Class II5/22,817$1,100
02/04/166325 ROYAL OAK DRORLANDO32809Single Fam Class II3/21,345$89,100
02/04/168020 PUFFIN DRORLANDO32825Duplex6/42,464$155,200
02/03/16103 S OBSERVATORY DRORLANDO32835Single Fam Class II3/21,304$87,100
02/03/161120 SHOSHANNA DRORLANDO32825Single Fam Class II3/21,138$98,800
02/03/166702 IMPERIAL OAK LNORLANDO32819Single Fam Class III3/21,934$25,100
02/03/16477 BOHANNON BLVDORLANDO32824Single Fam Class III3/22,124$182,200
02/03/162203 KINGSCREST CIRAPOPKA32712Single Fam Class II4/22,091$160,900
02/03/161273 HIMALAYAN CTAPOPKA32712Single Fam Class III3/21,168$113,300
02/03/165620 OXFORD MOOR BLVDWINDERMERE34786Single Fam Class III4/45,154$512,300
02/03/1615435 FIRELIGHT DRWINTER GARDEN34787Single Fam Class III5/54,055$313,400
02/03/167226 REX HILL TRLORLANDO32818Single Fam Class II4/21,960$96,700
02/03/168320 BAYWOOD VISTA DRORLANDO32810Single Fam Class II4/22,075-
02/03/1614626 BLACK CHERRY TRLWINTER GARDEN34787Single Fam Class III4/32,835$223,500
02/03/164522 LIGUSTRUM WAYORLANDO32839Single Fam Class II3/21,402-
02/03/1611912 CHELTINHAM DRORLANDO32824Single Fam Class III4/21,716$165,200
02/02/166007 WILBETH AVEORLANDO32809Single Fam Class II3/11,252$65,000
02/02/164227 LAKE LAWNE AVEORLANDO32808Single Fam Class II2/1714$30,100
02/02/163089 BLUEBROOK DRWINTER PARK32792Single Fam Class II4/21,500$131,600
02/02/1614510 BRAY RDORLANDO32832Single Fam Class III3/21,900$160,100
02/02/16815 LAUREL AVEORLANDO32803Multi-Family4/32,040$226,100
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